We did good, Canada 🍁  Now let’s go higher.

Our combined Canadian spirit is the most powerful force in the world right now. That started when the rest of the world looked to us as citizens to take care of our own business…without any help from our UN or CMAG.

We had to find a way to be rid of who is now nationally and globally known as ‘You Know Who’ and ‘What’s His Name’.

We did good! And the rest of the world knows it!

And, as intelligent Canadians, we know that was just the beginning: our future as a country depends on its people…and Canada has the best people.

Now it’s time for ‘US’ to teach others how to empower themselves, because I was there as we felt every step of that horrible journey up to the election.

The other thing being, the results of that election spoke volumes to those of us who are informed citizens, in that we know we still have a long way to go.

My new goal, as a writer, motivational artist, and high-spirited Canadian, is to build on what I’ve learned, carry the momentum of our amazing Canadian spirit and instill it in everyone I am fortunate to meet.

The message remains and is even stronger now:

People own the world…not corporations.