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A Brainchild is Born

  • As a very active and aware citizen of this once great nation; I helped make it great and so did many of us here now and before us. These past few years has lead me to study hard to gain insight into what was happening to our country.
  •  I took courses in democracy, human rights, civil disobedience. I joined causes, social networking groups and ranted. I banged my head against the ether for the words to describe the ignorance I was surrounded by in governance.
  • I could feel the life force of my country slowly being sucked from my soul and then came this message: Harper or Canada? You can’t have both!
  • That was it! Now, I had to get this message out to the people in a way that will pull them together for the common greater good: Canada.

In the beginning: A Cost-Effective High Exposure Billboard

  • I rushed to get a quote from Coast Outdoor Advertising for placement on billboard row at Nanoose: design, setup and one month for $2600.
  • They believe the statement itself is so powerful that it needs no image and repetitive viewing of simple statements are a powerful mix for engagement across an outdoor billboard.
  • There are many fundraising campaigns requesting 10s of 1000s of dollars that  are receiving support, but they don’t provide a solution – this one does.

These Are Powerful Words

  • Citizens need to come together on common ground to be effective for a cause and this statement does exactly that. It unites Canadians at their core in asking the right question that they will act on.
  • It is human nature to act on our choices, and we need to be given a choice so we can do just that. Repeat these words to anyone and watch their internal light shine for their country, like I have – it’s magical.
  • As well as being a writer and business owner in the desktop publishing industry I have an extensive background in office management, bookkeeping and promoting events. As a bookkeeper, what speaks loudest to say our government is very poor at business management: cutbacks.

Time Is The Only Challenge

  • With the election looming on our horizon, these billboards will be snatched up by politicians, who are only interested in their own agenda. I can almost envision Harper grabbing the spot I have slated with my own tax dollars.
  • Many folks want to see these billboards across the country and I only need to start with this one.

A T-Shirt Alone Is Enough Said

  • The first time I wore my Harper or Canada? T-Shirt to the store, I found the folks all around me were more open and sharing. They smiled more, grinned more and acknowledged me more – it’s a message understood and needs no convincing or explanation.
  • When I wear this T-shirt, I don’t to have to talk about politics with folks, because once they see what’s in my heart by the slogan on my shirt, we can talk about everything else under this great Canadian sun – and so we do.

The Momentum Is Growing

  • The Harper or Canada domain is where all fundraising, stores, comments, endorsements and freebies can be found.
  • I am actively seeking endorsements from other organizations, as well as the wonderful ones I have from some Council of Canadians Chapters, who are also keen on having these billboards across the country.



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